“Maria Ielpo Jewelry” was born in 2014 as a trademark, to give name to the unique creativity in jewel crafting to the creations of the creative director Maria Ielpo. The strength of combining craft work methods and technological innovation has enabled the company to present itself today as a reality driven by creativity, inspired by the search for the higher standards of beauty that distinguishes each product.

Particularly attentive to new trends, the creator offers refined collections in 925% silver combined with semi-precious and certified natural stones. The zircons are of Swarovski type and the entire production process is nickel-free, hypoallergenic and available rhodium-plated, silver-plated or rosé.
Also thanks to its sales network, the company is able to satisfy an increasingly demanding market both in Italy and abroad, a market aware of the fact that it can count on a brand that produces silver jewelry lines that are synonymous with quality, originality and elegance.

The team always shows great availability to its customers, and is able to offer them various models that can be customized. This versatility has allowed us to effectively follow the market and always follow the newest trends.

So when you choose a “Maria Ielpo Jewelry” product, you will not only wear a high quality product, but also the result of research and passion.

Our Vision

“Luck to wear”, makes the opportunity to wear or to gift precious jewelry that is rich in symbols tangible for all customers.
The creator of Maria Ielpo Jewelry brand has studied and created these lines of jewelry, considered to be lucky charms, that address the spiritual atavistic and primordial needs of human being, namely the need of not feeling alone, knowing that there is something or someone above us that guides us and governs, while transcending us, following us and surrounding us. Each person feels the need to perceive the existence of “energies” that guide the universe and that may come to our aid, if channeled by material objects and forms.

Our Mission

Combining the creativity of “Made in Italy” design with cutting-edge production processes in order to bring to life unique items for style and fashion ranging from classic jewelry in precious metals to various types of stones. The Maria Ielpo Jewelry makes even the most abstract forms into a tangible object, by transforming complex ideas into three-dimensional models in our laboratories. We offer our customers the ability to create customized objects / gadgets, even in small quantities, accompanying them through every stage of the project: project development, design development, prototype creation and production. Our corporate goal is to grow and publicize our lines, aiming to create new and innovative elements that meet the needs of those seeking a simply Unique jewel.

Made in Italy

From the mind of the designer, it takes shape through his drawings and its body is born under the hands of the modeler: a skilled goldsmith who knows how to interpret the curves and thicknesses. A Jewel is such thanks to the balance of proportions, the perfect mix of gold tints, by combining it with precious stones to the simple entwining of hard stones.

Why jewels

Jewels are an integral part of our culture. They tell about ancient civilizations, they speak of men, their feelings, they make us recall places, faces, passions. Their particular styles remind us of the habits at the time of their creation. The Jewels are among the few magical objects that remain. Their magic, their wonder, their joy, are evidence of our life force, our love beyond their value and their ability to embellish.